Author: Ana Elena Corte

Lessons from Beijing

Although seven days is not enough time to even get over jet lag, the week Jessica Carrillo and I spent in Beijing proved to be a very fruitful experience. Rushing from one side of the city to another, we were

Questions for wildlife protection NGOs in China

BEIJING, China – In my last post, I wrote about different awareness campaigns in China, trying to gather elements that these campaigns shared to reach their target audiences. In many (if not all) of the cases, the message was aimed

How to Reach the Minds (and Hearts) of the Chinese Audience

In Cameron Lagrone’s January post, she argues that “for an awareness campaign to be truly effective [it] must operate in the language of the target country, appeal to the culture of that country and use culturally relevant methods to reach

Governmental Will: Key to Protecting African Elephants from Chinese Consumption

My last post addressed  ways in which the Chinese government has attempted to protect its domestic elephant population. Most of the efforts have been aimed at enhancing park conditions and patrols, as well as providing support to farmers affected by

China Protecting (Chinese) Elephants

Chinese ivory demand is as large as it is famous. China has been accused of driving the dramatic increases in elephant poaching in Africa, with more than 30,000 elephants killed per year for their ivory. A less known fact is

Mercado de Sonora: Black Magic, Black Trade

  Can’t find the love of your life? Having problems with a mean boss? Trying to get a powerful lucky charm? Want to get rid of your bad luck? The Mercado de Sonora, in the heart of Mexico City, offers