Author: Caitlin Goodrich

Where did this link between security and wildlife trafficking come from?

The scale and scope of poaching has escalated in recent years. Increasingly, observers are linking poaching to national security interests. Is this link real? Is there a good case to be made for the inclusion of wildlife trafficking in security

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Will taking the guns and ammo away stop poaching?

One of the trickiest challenges in fighting poaching is the tension between arming rangers to combat poaching which could lead to increased escalation and tackling the problem through disarmament. World Wildlife Fund staff cited one of the biggest challenges in

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From Africa to Asia: An Ivory Trafficking Incident

Policing ivory trafficking is hard for many reasons – but one of the biggest barriers is understanding the trafficking supply chain. In August of 2014, the Center for Advanced Defense Studies’ (C4ADS) published a report that helps frame how ivory

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Regulation of Sport Hunted Trophies: “No” to Expanded Sport Hunting through “Enhancement of Survival Permits”

Regulation of sport hunted trophies is the primary mechanism for control of sport hunting. The Endangered Species Act prohibits the take of endangered and threatened species (with some exceptions), while import restrictions limit what hunters can do with trophies once

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Can sport hunting ever be “non-detrimental”?

CITES says yes… but there are some issues with the current non-detrimental finding process. First, some background: CITES and Sport Hunting The international regulatory framework for sport hunting was established in 1975 through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered

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Does the U.S. have a role in curbing wildlife loss in the Congo Basin?

The Congo Basin The Congo Basin is shared by 6 African countries and, according to the World Wildlife Fund, is home to 400 species of mammals, 1,000 species of birds and 700 species of fish, including at-risk species like gorilla,

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