Author: Mariam Ahmed

The Small Risks, Big Rewards, and Bigger Consequences of Poaching

As I mentioned in my first blog post, countries with weak rule of law (more specifically, weak enforcement of wildlife crime-related laws) can be particularly attractive sites for the capture, transit, and sale of illegal wildlife products.  A key problem

Meanwhile, in the Lege: Cracking down on shark-finning

Here in Austin, the Texas legislature is well into its biennial session.  Amidst the thousands of bills that have been filed, one prominent bill has a strong wildlife conservation connection.  In February Representative Eddie Lucio, III (D-Harlingen) filed HB 1579 that

EU Accession to CITES: Unity or Disunity?

Last month the European Union became the first regional entity to accede to CITES.  This means that the EU will have a greater capacity to participate in the regime and assist non-EU states with CITES-related projects.  Additionally, the EU can cast one

Wildlife Crime and the Rule of Law

Though often seen as an environmental issue because of its degradation of species populations, wildlife crimes such as poaching and trafficking have ramifications beyond immediate threats to biodiversity or environmental health.  Wildlife trafficking also threatens national security and can undermine