The Women’s Law Caucus at the University of Texas School of Law seeks to propel women into successful roles as both students at the Law School and future lawyers. We value professionalism, community service, and compassion. We have over 100 members and are growing each year. We partner with Ms. JD, the Center for Women in Law, and other women’s organizations on campus.


We provide women with opportunities to meet their classmates (through happy hours, bi-monthly breakfasts, snack breaks) and to network with law firms (through panels, wine events, lunches). In addition, we provide academic support through our outline bank and strive to serve the community through community service.


Our mission is to create an environment of support for women in the legal field both inside and outside the Law School. Events which support our mission include the mentorship program, member social events, networking opportunities, and community service. The Caucus is both an opportunity to form lasting friendships in law school and to develop mentorship relationships that support members as they transition into the legal profession. Additionally, as a Ms. JD campus chapter, the Caucus is linked with organizations nationwide that provide an opportunity for members to connect with other law students and experienced practitioners from around the country.