Positions and Fellowships

Positions available at Prof. Song (Stephen) Yi Laboratory

We are always interested in motivated postdoc candidates, graduate students, research assistants and undergrads, and we welcome you to join our group!  Candidates with background and interest in cancer biology, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, computer science or relevant fields are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in next-generation sequencing analysis and high-throughput functional screens is a plus. For further information, please contact Prof. Yi at <Stephen.yi@austin.utexas.edu>, with your CV, research interest, and the contact info of three references.


Postdoctoral Fellowships in CRISPR screen, Single Cell Biology and Bioinformatics 

The University of Texas at Austin invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships in CRISPR screen, Single Cell Biology and Bioinformatics starting immediately. Using state-of-the-art biological techniques, we seek to identify genetic and epigenetic biomarkers for cancer precision medicine, synthetic lethal and resistance mechanisms underlying disease development and immunity at the systems level. The postdoctoral research will be performed in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment with world-class experts and advanced technologies and facilities, which provide unique and ideal career development opportunities for postdocs. Successful candidates will be supervised by Prof. Song (Stephen) Yi. Prof. Yi is a tenure-track faculty member of Oncology at Dell Medical School of the University of Texas at Austin and he was a faculty member at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is Director of Bioinformatics of the Developmental Therapeutics Lab, also affiliated faculty with Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology. Prof. Yi’s recent representative publications include Cell (2015), 161: 647-60; Cell (2015), 161: 661-73; Nature Rev Genetics (2017), 18: 395-410; Cell (2017), 168: 856-66; Cancer Cell (2018), 33: 450-62; Nature Commun (2018), 9: 1317; TIBS (2018), 43: 576-92.


Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in bioinformatics, cancer biology, immunology, computational biology, molecular genetics, or relevant fields. Experience with cancer genomics, CRISPR screens, single cell and next-generation sequencing analysis is a plus.

Application process:

Interested applicants should send a cover letter describing your past research experience, a curriculum vitae, and the contact information of three references to Prof. Song (Stephen) Yi (Stephen.yi@austin.utexas.edu) with the subject line “Postdoc Fellowship Application”.


Research Positions for Research Assistants, Graduate Students and Undergrads

Interested candidates (full-time research assistants and graduate students who want to engage in cutting-edge research, or undergraduate students who want to volunteer in the lab) should send a resume with previous research experience to Prof. Song (Stephen) Yi (Stephen.yi@austin.utexas.edu) with the subject line “Research Position Application”.