January ACA Meeting Minutes

Hello ACA Members,

Thank you for joining us for our first ACA General Meeting of 2018!  We hope that you enjoyed visiting with various minors and certificates offered to our students.  Please see the Meeting Minutes, PowerPoint, Texas Exes Scholarship Information, and details about new Certificates in Spanish.

As a reminder, we will not have a General Meeting in the month of February due to Professional Development Day and look forward to seeing you there!


Your ACA Exec Team

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November Meeting Recap

Jeff Stellmach started us off with a presentation on Dealing with Difficult People. I’m not sure why we brought him in since I’m like 97.6% positive that we never have to deal with difficult people… Anywho, we started off by separating behaviors from people. It’s often behaviors that are difficult. We should have empathy and respond with “I statements.” I use these all the time, such as when I say, “I think I’ll have some more French fries” and “Why yes, I think I can totally afford this thing even though it’s the end of the month.”

Some of the wonderful Study Abroad rockstars discussed the Latin America Initiative & Study Abroad options. Did you know that in 16-17, there were approximately 3,700 travelers? The top country where people are sent is…Spain! They have a few new initiatives including Gobal Classrooms, a Leadership Program in Costa Rica, and an expansion to Projects with Underserved Communities.


Jeff Kudos to all the Moody Advisors for crushing it during registration!! It was a long, hectic couple of weeks but you all made it through in amazing shape!
Thank you to the Engineering Student Services advisors for seeing the trillion undergraduates (and some accidental/didn’t know where to go/have no clue graduate students) for the Q drop deadline day. I know it was exhausting and you heard some pretty heavy things. You are ALL very appreciated and I know our students feel the same way. Love you!
Shout out to all of the Engineering Student Services advisors for their tireless work during the Q drop deadline. 720+ students walking into our office is no joke and everyone did an amazing job at making each student feel taken care of. You all are fantastic and make ESS a great place to work.
Desiree Alva Big – shout out – to Theresa Thomas who assisted New Student Services with OA Recruitment!  🙂
Molly Gully Thank you to the Vick Center academic advisors and career counselors for going above and beyond this registration season all while staying positive and having fun. You are THE best!
Kudos to the ACA FUNdraising Committee for another awesome service event at the Webb Early College Prep Academy! I really appreciated the opportunity to destress from registration advising and serve up some delicious meals to the families participating in ENCORE.
Lauren Kudos to Megan McKay for handling walk in registration advising like a BOSS.
Patty Moran Micks To our newest member–Kayla Belk–for rocking registration advising! Go FYE!
Othell Ballage, Jr. I am honored to commend the entire Student Division advising team for their work always! And particularly for the dates October 9 – November 10, 2017, when they helped nearly 1650 students. That team consisted of Elyssa Castillo (the marathoner); Beth Labate (who has now advanced to lead the College of Natural Sciences Center for First-year Advising); Marc Pereira (a rising star); Stephanie Quinn (the prodigal daughter returned to make her mark); Rachel Smith (an advising rock star); and Gabe Lopez (The Rock). I want to thank Summer Cacciotti (the quintessential team player) for a special assist on deadline day, as well as the AMS/HDO/PSY advising team for sparing her. Casey Bushman for commitment to our team being ever willing. And last but not least, I want to thank Liz Johnson, for keeping the order, and leading a fine team of student workers. People like you make the advising life easier to breathe.
Thank you, Eric Carter, for being such a wonderful and supportive colleague!

October Meeting Recap

In October, it was announced that our ACA Website will be the host of all future information, including the Argosy, Meeting Minutes, etc. If you are reading this, congratulations; you’re in the right place!. If you’re still checking the old Argosy page, I apologize for your disappointment by the lack of new content.

Dr. Jennifer Jones Barbour provided a rousing presentation on “How to Translate Leadership for Yourself.” She led us through an activity to come up with a name of someone who was an effective and ethical leader. Here are the results:

Check out the Meeting Notes for a fantastic break-down of the different points made regarding leadership.

Next Taylor Brown spoke with us about the Sports Leadership Fellows Program, which is focused on developing leadership in student athletes.

Jim Henson discussed the LAITS online courses coming up and provided some stats on them as well. Students seems to be enjoying them, with a survey finding that 35% of students find these courses better than traditional large courses and 56% of student being more likely to take another online course in the future.

Alberto Martinez let us know about the Certificate on History and Philosophy of Science, which is taught by faculty within CoLA and CNS. It is also auto-approved.


Anonymous A huge Kudos to all advisors across campus and specifically the Student Success Initiatives team for the huge leaps in 4-year graduation rates. Kudos for the tireless efforts to help make graduation an achievable reality for all students across campus!
Nathan Vickers Kudos to Lauren Marriott for covering the office while we were at NACADA.   You rock for holding down the fort!!!  Also, kudos to all of Team 3 for simply being the best!!  Y’all make each day great!!!
ACA Exec Shout out to the ACA Committees for all of their hard work so far! We loved hearing all of your ideas for the new year and can’t wait to see them take shape! 😀
Jinane and Sarah Special thank you to the ACA POD facilitators this year (Carter, Emily, Katie, Sarah, Eric, Micah, Amanda, Rebecca, Nathan, and Courtney)! We have awesome group of facilitators and are looking forward to seeing your PODs and the POD program having another successful year. Let the friendships begin!
…and congrats to the PACE Advising Team for being recognized as one of the Outstanding Advising Program Award – Winner at the 2017 NACADA Conference this past week! Way to go!
Kudos to Jinane and Sarah for co-charing the POD Program committee this year. PODs are off to a GREAT start thanks to your energy and leadership!
Engineering Student Services HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE BEST ADVISORS EVAHHHH, Mrs. Amanda Golden 🙂