Update about Fall 2019 Admission Decisions

Dear Colleague,

We are excited to report that as of today we have offered about 80% of our admission spaces, which is about 8,000 more admit decisions compared to this time last year.

Releasing earlier decisions expands the time available for students to prepare for their eventual transition to enrollment at The University of Texas at Austin. We ask that you not announce the planned release to students so that they are notified through our normal process.

Starting today, Friday, January 25, we will begin to invite students that qualified for automatic admission that did not get their first or second choice major to select a new major from a list of those with available space. This process has commonly been referred to as “Major Selection.” In addition, we will start to communicate admissions denials, as well as offers to participate in the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP), Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment (PACE), and the Nursing Guarantee program. Details on these programs are provided below:

Major selection. Some automatically admissible applicants will be asked to select from available majors. An email will be sent to these students over the next few days and admissions staff will be reaching out to some students next week to provide guidance and answer questions.

Nursing Guarantee. A small number of students who applied to Nursing will be offered the opportunity to participate in a program that begins in the College of Natural Sciences with the goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

PACE. A group of 100+ applicants will be invited to participate in Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment (PACE), our co-enrollment program with Austin Community College. The program provides a path to transition to full-time UT Austin status in selected majors after the freshman year.

CAP. Many Texas applicants will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) during the 2019-2020 academic year. CAP provides a path to transfer to UT Austin after an initial year of study at another UT System university.

Denials. We received more than 53,000 fall 2019 freshman applications and are thankful that so many young people are interested in becoming future Longhorns. But as is true for premier universities across the globe, competition for space in the incoming class is very high. Each year we must make difficult decisions – and again this year we are not able to accommodate all interested or all qualified applicants. Students are notified of their admission decision through MyStatus.

Everyone in the Office of Admissions and across campus is prepared to assist you, your students and families over the next few weeks as they consider their offers and options for the future.

Arrival of decisions can be stressful – even for students who are admitted. Please encourage students to contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.

It has been a privilege over the last few months to review the applications of the best high school students from across the state and beyond. So many of you helped these young people work hard during their time in high school and their applications show us how much they have accomplished. The future is bright for them and for us!

Thank you so much for all you do.

Miguel V. Wasielewski, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Admissions
The University of Texas at Austin