Each honors student is required to complete:

Two one-credit hour courses:

PHR 187R Exploratory Research in Pharmacy (must be taken a minimum of twice)


  • to help the Honors student select a research area, a laboratory, and a faculty mentor
  • to expose the Honors student to research in more than one division

One honors elective: a wide variety of electives are available. PHR 270C: Communication Skills for Health Professionals (a fall elective) is recommended. It is designed to introduce you to scientific writing and prepare you to present a seminar.

Honors research: The research component of the honors program consists of (1) PHR 288H: Honors Proposal — a proposal writing stage when the student is selecting a research laboratory and project, reading background material, and writing the project proposal to be submitted to the Honors Program Committee by spring break; and (2) PHR 489H: Honors Thesis — a research project phase ̣ most of the laboratory work will be performed during the summer and fall of the third professional year. A final written project report and seminar are to be completed by the end of the fall semester of the third professional year.

Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Kevin Dalby (, for further clarification or questions.