Final Thesis

Honors Program Final Thesis Report Guidelines
PHR 489H

The style of the Honors Final Report depends partly upon the nature of the Honors Research Project. The Honors Final Reports are to be written in the form of a manuscript suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Each of the divisions in the College have identified the journals whose style should be followed:

Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Pharmaceutics: Journal of Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmacology/Toxicology: Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Clinical Pharmacy: The Annals of Pharmacotherapy

Pharmacy Administration: American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

The style for each of these journals is detailed in “The Instruction to Authors” on the respective journal’s web page. The styles for these journals consist of specific requirements for manuscripts, including the style and nature of artwork (Figures, Schemes, photographs, etc), the format for footnotes and references, characterization of new compounds, required experimental details, and so on.

In cases where the “Instruction to Authors” is not explicit concerning the formatting and/ordering of particular sections of the manuscript, you should organize your Report according to the following guide. *NOTE: ALL Reports must begin with a Title Page followed by an Acknowledgement Page and an Abstract.

Title Page*
Include your name, the title of your project, and the date

Acknowledgement Page* 
This page is mandatory and MUST contain a section in format of the following with the original signature of your research advisor:

This Honors Final Report meets with my approval.


Dr. John Doe       Date

Faculty Research Advisor


100-250 words maximum
Materials and Methods
Figure/Table Legends
Appendix (Additional Material)

Generally, successful Honors Project Reports consist of a minimum of 12-14 double-spaced pages, exclusive of tables, figures, schemes, and references.

Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Kevin Dalby (, for further clarification or questions.