Research Team

Karen Fingerman

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Karen Fingerman is a Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences at UT Austin. She studies adult development and aging.  She has published numerous scholarly articles on positive and negative emotions and social support among families and friends in late life. Her work has examined parents and children, in-law ties, romantic partners, grandparents and grandchildren, friends, and peripheral social ties. The National Institute on Aging funded her work for over 15 years and currently funds her Family Exchanges Study, a longitudinal study involving middle-aged adults, their romantic partners, grown children and aging parents. Her work has been funded by the Brookdale Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation Network on Transitions to Adulthood and the MacArthur Foundation Network on an Aging Society. Her research has drawn on survey methods, observational studies, experimental paradigms, daily diary, and salivary hormone data collection techniques.

Yijung Kim

Yijung Kim is a post-doctoral scholar working with Dr. Fingerman. She received her Ph.D. degree at University of Massachusetts Boston.

Crystal Yee-To Ng

Crystal Ng is a 5th-year graduate student working with Dr. Fingerman. She studies late-life friendships and how these friendships may influence older adults’ well-being.

Shiyang Zhang

Shiyang Zhang is a third-year graduate student working with Dr. Karen Fingerman. Her research interest focus on personality, social contacts, and well-being in late life. More specifically, she is interested in the impacts of narcissism on older adult’s daily life.

Zexi Zhou

Zexi Zhou is a first-year graduate student working with Dr. Karen Fingerman. Her research focuses on motivation and emotion in late life.

Chloe Juanico, Suhani Ravani, Anthony Tang, Ninette Siby, Riya Chaudhry, Amanda Figueroa-Nieves
Undergraduate Lab Group