Student Posters


Undergraduate Research Forum 2016 (Pictured)
Evaluation of Mother’s Support and Offspring’s Depressive Symptoms
Sarina I. Acevedo (pictured;top) , Isabella Robledo (pictured;bottom) , Alexa Saltzman, and Karen L. Fingerman




Adult children’s needs and relationship quaity with their parents by coresidence status
Denise Martinez, Karen L. Fingerman

Research Forum 2014

Research Forum 2014 (Pictured)
Discrepancies between desire and actual support from parents: Effects of life satisfaction on adult offspring.
Tiffany H. Liu, Gianna K. Colera (pictured; left), Dimple S. Jariwala, Alison T. M. Nguyen, Aubrey J. Tucker (pictured; right), and Karen L. Fingerman


Patterns of support exchanges between middle-aged adults and their aging parents
Kyungmin Kim, Steven H. Zarit, Kira S. Birditt, & Karen L. Fingerman


The structure of intergenerational exchanges of middle-aged adults with their parents and parents-in-law in Korea
Kyungmin Kim, Steven H. Zarit, and Gyounghae Han


Giving and receiving the “right” help: Evaluations of aging parents and their middle-aged children on help given and received
Kyungmin Kim, Steven H. Zarit, Kira S. Birditt, and Karen L. Fingerman