Unfortunately we are not accepting any participants for the study at this time. We are always starting new studies, so check back soon for more opportunities to participate!

Undergraduate Students:

 Do you like active learning experiences?

Do you want to gain hands-on knowledge working in a research lab?

Are you interested in studying family relationships?

 Join the Adult Family Project Team!

Undergraduate students enroll in HDFS practicum and receive course credits for assisting with research. Students will meet with professors, graduate students, and other research assistants during weekly lab meetings. They will conduct interviews, learn about research design, data entry, and coding of data. This course can be taken for 3 credits each semester, including summer semesters. You will work with the team a certain number of hours each week based on your credits. This course teaches you a lot about how research is conducted, and also looks great on graduate school applications!

Please contact Dr. Karen Fingerman at kfingerman@austin.utexas.edu for more information.