About Us

The Aging Network is a group of faculty, graduate students, fellows, and scholars who get together on a regular basis to discuss research in the field of aging. Historically, human life expectancy hovered at age 20 to 30. By the middle of the 20th century, life expectancy had increased dramatically in industrialized nations and is expected to increase worldwide throughout this century. We know surprisingly little about the adult lifespan and how to address these global trends. Topics of interest include longevity, health and disease; demographic trends; social policy; biological mechanisms of aging; cognitive changes associated with aging as well as the biological bases of these cognitive changes;  emotional and social changes; and family ties across adulthood.

The Aging Network includes faculty from psychology, sociology, neuroscience, pharmacy, nursing, social work, public policy, and other disciplines. We meet approximately once a month to discuss cutting edge research and topics in the field of adult development. Once or twice a semester, we also bring in outside speakers (cohosted with departments on campus).

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For additional information or to join the network contact agingportfolio@utexas.edu