Corporate Supporters

Corporate supporters allow us to provide valuable learning opportunities for our members. AIAA is the largest organization for Aerospace Engineering students, with over 150 members every year. From events like General Meetings, to Lunch and Learns, facility tours, and other corporate socials, we would love for your company to get involved with our members! Please contact our Vice President of Corporate Relations, Sahar Rashed, at to learn more about involvement opportunities!

Corporate Opportunities

Student Chapter General Meeting: AIAA hosts seven chapter meetings per semester for all interested aerospace students. Each meeting includes a meal for AIAA members, and a guest speaker. Our meetings aim to connect aerospace students with one another and help them network with and learn about the visiting companies. The corporate opportunities include recognition on all advertisements for meetings, 30-60 minute presentation by your representative followed by a Q/A session, meet and network with students, and company handouts.

Weekly Current Events Sessions: AIAA hosts an aerospace industry related current events for interested UT students with snack. The goal is to keep students up to date with news in the aerospace industry and introduce potential career options. The sessions are not restricted to AIAA members so that we may inform as many students as possible. The corporate opportunities include recognition on all advertisements for meetings, recognition at beginning and end of each session, and company handouts.

Social Networking Event: Our social events include BBQs, day hikes, athletic tailgates, and many other activities. We are eager to work with you to set up an appropriate event. The goal of our social events is to give students an opportunity to interact professionally while having fun. The corporate opportunities include the mingling with members or just support the event in name, company handouts, and recognition on all event marketing.

Leadership Retreat: The AIAA officers and promising chapter members interested in future leadership opportunities spend a weekend strengthening their leadership skills. This event invests in the future of the organization and in the lives of those involved. The corporate opportunities include company handouts, recognition in AIAA display case, and recognition on all event marketing.

AIAA Conference: Our officers would have the opportunity to network with peers from all over the world. The officer will present learning points from the conference at the following AIAA chapter meeting. Your support will help cover travel and hotel fees. The corporate opportunities include acknowledgement in AIAA display case and all communications relating to the conference, recognition at the following AIAA chapter meeting, and company handouts.

AIAA T-Shirts: AIAA members receive a shirt with paid membership. The corporate opportunities include recognition on the shirt and the t-shirt displayed in the AIAA display case.

Habitat for Humanity: AIAA is proud to improve the local community through them members’ work at Habitat for Humanity. Your support will provide building materials, t-shirts worn at the event, and snacks. The corporate opportunities include acknowledgment in the AIAA display case, representatives are encouraged to join in the day of service, company branding on T-shirt for event, and recognition on all event marketing.

Facility Visit: A group of AIAA members tour your facility to learn about real-world engineering projects. The corporate opportunities include meeting and networking with a group of AIAA student members and recognition at the following current events session and all event marketing.