3 Students vs. 1 Steel Monster

This journey was a test to my abilities and creation of new ones. I came in with some sculpture experience and set design skills but I had never worked with steel before. First thing we did was come up with a visual of a structure that was as close to the designer’s idea with the ability for other teams to build off of it.

Now that we had a design to go on. We went through the process of order the steel, having it bent and cleaning it. During this time, we also started collaborating with the designer to figure out what angle to cut the steel at. This area is where our problems started, where even though we triple checked these angles, the height didn’t reach our ten-foot goal. Guest artists Chris Labeck and Sarah Conway helped us during this process and we went back to the drawing board, using a lot of geometry and careful calculation. After we knew our angles were correct and tested them, we went into mass production of measuring angles, cutting steel, separating them into their respective categories and welding the ground pieces together under instruction of Sarah.

We achieved having pieces to make an arch type structure but had an unclosed space at the top of the structure with no idea how to connect the structure to each other. We thought about connecting them together with pencil rod, brackets, This is where our third guest artist, Mike Ortiz, came in with an idea of a ring to connect the top edges and only attached to only one part of a half arch for easy removal.

Up to this point I believe we’ve done a good job of creating the skeleton of the creek monster habitat The process is difficult and a bit tedious but rewarding because the addition of these new skills and the new relationships I have with these new artists. 

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