a new disgEYEs

Our creek monster seems to be ever evolving and changing as we learn more about them and their habitat. I have been working on the eye team to bring the creature to life. Throughout the past 7 weeks my team and I have brainstormed and prototyped many options to create eyes that blink and respond to the audience that is entering and interacting with its home and nest. the newest design is our final iteration. We are moving forward bringing the monster to life with light from within. This method will require all of our eyes to be vacuformed and disguised to blend in with the nest until the monster decides to reveal itself to its visitors.

The Ikea bowl ready to be formed over

This required me to learn about vacuforming which my team and I had 0 experience with. It is often a technique used in commercial design for signs that are lit from with in or facades in theater and opera to create lightweight brick walls. Our eyes however created a unique challenge that had been faced by previous classes trying to create a space helmet; how to remove the form from the plastic without damaging the form just created or the mold in order to pull more. Karen happened to have a large metal IKEA bowl that was close to the right size for our monsters largest eyes. So Sam and Karen went to test our theory that this should work.

Our pulled vacuform. Time to see if the bowl will come out!

The first pull was a SUCCESS! it formed over the bowl beautifully and the bowl slid right out and ready to form again. This plastic however was thinner than what we originally intended to pull. But through many trials, many plastics of different weights and opacities we circled back around to our first plastic sample. It gave us all the structure we needed with the benefit of flexibility and less weight. We have now pulled over 30 eye forms. Some will be lit to reveal the monster within and others will remain hidden throughout the event. So come down to the creek and see if you can find our eyes amongst the disguises.

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