A Young Boy’s Dream Come True

As a young boy I was absolutely OBSESSED with dinosaurs, especially velociraptors. I voraciously consumed any sort of media that had to do with dinosaurs, like Jurassic Park or The Land Before Time. Since the first time I saw a velociraptor on screen at the movies I just knew that they were my favorite dinosaur/animal/anything really. I loved them. I made it a point to learn just about everything I could about them. Anything from just binging movies, reading books and even begging my mom to take me to the local natural history museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. I hate to admit that my burning passion for them dimmed as I grew up and found new interests but it never completely went away.

Now my passion has come back in a big way. Now, thanks to many different people, I get to combine two of my greatest loves: velociraptors and building.

Is it considered work if you love what you do?

What’s better than building them? Rocking one of course!

I have the amazing opportunity to be part of a group of 16 very talented students that are working together to build 3 velociraptor costumes for UT’s Theatre and Dance Department’s production of Enron. I’m part of the structure group or Raptor Buddies as one of our group named us. I help with the cage/harness and the legs but my main focus is the tail. At first I thought it would be easy but boy how wrong I was. After 3 failed prototypes and a lot of feedback/ideas from guest artists and peers I think I’ve finally stumbled upon something we can work with. It is a little rough around the edges but I think, and others have agreed with me, that the tail is a ton of fun! Now if only I could get it to stop hitting people…

This opportunity is more than I could have ever dreamed and I can’t wait to see how our 3 velociraptors turn out. With this many minds on the job and as many eyes as we have on us I don’t doubt that our velociraptors will be awesome!