About Texas Applied Arts

We facilitate student-led, inquiry-based, design-centered collaborative experiences that directly support the production activities and mission of The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts. 


We are flat and open.

  • Our decision-making process is not hierarchical. We rely on consensus.
  • We welcome all people to participate whether they be students, staff, or faculty.
  • We welcome participation from all disciplines.
  • Ownership of the project belongs to all stakeholders.

 We are problem solvers who say, “Yes.”

  • We envision and execute.
  • We have a growth mindset and a high tolerance for uncertainty.
  • We trust that everyone is creative and ready to contribute.
  • We take risks and fail forward.

We contribute to a community of creativity (i.e. the whole world).

  • We foster an abundance mindset.
  • Our project faces outward and is transparent to all stakeholders.
  • We “steal like artists” and give back to creative communities.
  • We actively seek expertise from outside the University.

For more information send us an email!