Analogies and You

This week we’ll begin to think about what kind of analogies might be relevant to our raptors. You all have hundreds of experiences that bits of knowledge that are essential for the success of our class. The trick is to recognize the value of your existing knowledge and how it can serve you to ask the next right questions.

  • Now take an inventory of you skills and abilities. Write them down.
  • Now write down why you signed up for the Enron Raptor Class and think about how you want to deepen or grow those skills while building raptors. Write these aspirations down too.

Now, with these notions analogies, your own skills, and your aspirations in mind, spend some time on YouTube, Pinterest, or Instructables and seek out those skills that you aspire too. If you’re not sure where to start, look up some of the YouTube videos already posted by other class members on Slack, take a look in the “Up Next” sidebar, and try to pick out something relevant. If it looks like one particular channel has a lot of great content subscribe to them. Think about the people who are making and sharing their skills. Why do they do what they do? How are you and what you want to do related to them?

Here is an example from my own experience: I was thinking about writing this post while watching Disney’s gorgeous 1959 Sleeping Beauty with my son and daughter. After the movie there was a special feature about Britney Lee’s paper sculptures. Can you see how her craft might be relevant to raptors? Can you hear how she talks about the character she is struggling to represent?

I also love watching Adam Savage‘s one day builds. He works incredibly fast, which is always an inspiration, but he also shares a lot about not only how he’s building something, but how the project is analogous to others he has done. And I especially like how he is careful to give credit to who he learned particular skills or technique from.

The goal of this exercise is for you to start to let go of any intimidation or fear you might have about this class and fully recognize how much you have to offer. Don’t look at amazing artists or makers like Britney Lee or Adam Savage as “better than you” and be intimidated. Instead look at them as analogies of you. Seek out ways to see not what separates them from you, but what connects you. Believe me, you are much more connected than you might think. For one thing, you have said “Yes, I’m going to make a raptor this semester.” That desire and risk, in and of itself puts you in a class with the best artists and fabricators in the world.

See you in the Hatchery!

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