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Video Selfie Instructions

placing kermit clip in the iMovie timeline

We have 25 people enrolled in Practical Special Effects and we only meet once a week. To save precious class time and to give you an opportunity to express yourselves right out of the gate, we’re going to introduce ourselves… Continue Reading Video Selfie Instructions

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SFX Fall 2018 – Project Overview

Though most of our effort in practical special effects will be given to designing and fabricating an amazing practical effect, the real goal of the course is to create a demo reel that demonstrates just how amazing and effective the effect is on screen.

detail from delicious dungeon manga

Continue Reading SFX Fall 2018 – Project Overview

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Cait’s Latest Raptor Designs

Guest Artist: Ron Pardini

We are pleased to announce that Ron Pardini will be joining our class Sunday October 22 through Monday, October 23. Ron is a special effects artist who has been working in the entertainment industry for 29 years. Some of Ron’s more notable accomplishments… Continue Reading Guest Artist: Ron Pardini

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Analogies and You


This week we’ll begin to think about what kind of analogies might be relevant to our raptors. You all have hundreds of experiences that bits of knowledge that are essential for the success of our class. The trick is to recognize… Continue Reading Analogies and You

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From Out-sourcing to Class-sourcing

On February 21, 2018, three velociraptors will walk across the The University of Texas Oscar G. Brockett stage. Yeah, like those made famous by Jurassic Park. The “raptors” are supporting characters in Enron, Lucy Prebble’s play about the rise and… Continue Reading From Out-sourcing to Class-sourcing

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Every mention of the raptors in the Enron script [SPOILER ALERT]

[UPDATE: Director Hannah Wolf’s notes in bold 9/8/17] Out of the shadows, a raptor appears (44) FASTOW turns slowly around to see that the other two raptors have taken corporeal form and have also crept into LJM. (44) Raptor 1… Continue Reading Every mention of the raptors in the Enron script [SPOILER ALERT]

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Raptor Research Images

Compiled by Enron Costume Designer, Caitlyn Graham.

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Enron Raptor Class Description

raptor header

OBJECTIVES Driven by student inquiry and collaboration, our class will construct three “velociraptor” puppet suits for the Spring production of Enron for The University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance Oscar G. Brockett theatre. Collaborating closely with Texas Performing Arts instructors Karen… Continue Reading Enron Raptor Class Description

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