Author: Justin Liu

The Road Ahead

As deadlines creep closer and the school year gets rougher, progress in the Raptor lab is chugging along at a reasonable pace. The guest artist ZoĆ« Morsette came in to present My Life in Art, as well as to assist… Continue Reading The Road Ahead

Testing Grounds

This week, the raptor was given its first run on the testing grounds. The Director of Enron Raptors, Hannah Wolf, came in to provide feedback about the progression of the prototypes. The electronics corner of which I reside was particularly… Continue Reading Testing Grounds

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Wiring the EL Wire Controller

After a couple of back and forth visions between LEDs and EL wire, we have decided to tentatively pursue the path of EL wire, and have begun experimentation with said product. To control the wires, we have purchased a EL… Continue Reading Wiring the EL Wire Controller

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