Author: Taylor Travis

Not for Intended Use

Of all the things my team has learned from working on the Bat-Camcorder, the biggest lesson is that you never have to use materials for their original use. In fact, sometimes materials work better if they are not used for their… Continue Reading Not for Intended Use

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Bat-Camcorder: #Technologically Challenged…?

Before we get into the specifics of the Bat-Cam, I want to make sure that we get to know this little guy. The Bat-Camcorder lives in the Underworld and is used by the students of Refund High School (read the story here.) … Continue Reading Bat-Camcorder: #Technologically Challenged…?

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Eye of the Beholder

For this Raptor project, I focused a lot on the eyes of our raptors. When making creatures, the eyes are what define the personality of the creature. The eyes set to whole mood and tone of how the audience will… Continue Reading Eye of the Beholder

One Foot at a Time

   The most unsuspecting challenge of this raptor build for me has been the complexity of making feet. Originally I was a part of the Artistry Team when then Structure team mentioned concerns about not being able to address the… Continue Reading One Foot at a Time

One More Prototype!

This week the Raptor Class had our second full prototype review with the director, choreographer, design team, and one of the actors who will be in the suit. Between this meeting and our last, teams have improved their prototypes from… Continue Reading One More Prototype!