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Creating a Voice for the Monster

At the start of this project, I felt like I was drowning. There was so much to do, so much direction to follow (or little depending on how you look at it), and so little time. Creative liberty can be… Continue Reading Creating a Voice for the Monster

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Exploring the Creek Monster

By being a part of this project I was able to experience many challenges and triumphs. Some challenges were figuring out how to collect large amounts of plant species to dress the nest. We also had to gather a substantial… Continue Reading Exploring the Creek Monster

The Monster imagined and reimagined…and reimagined

The creek monster is a shy and kind spirit that lives in Waller Creek. when it feels safe and welcome it appears to visitors of the creek. And our class had to make it real. We built a habitat, enhanced… Continue Reading The Monster imagined and reimagined…and reimagined

Testing Out the Sound

A big part of creating an immersive soundscape is having the right technology for it. We now have fourteen rock speakers that will blend in with the surroundings and that are definitely loud enough to cut through the loud noise/commotion… Continue Reading Testing Out the Sound

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Looking Through the Bamboo

Being on the nest dressing team has presented many fun challenges. In the beginning we had to figure out how different types of invasive plant species (such as arundo) would behave when made into a curve or swirl. We worked… Continue Reading Looking Through the Bamboo

a new disgEYEs

Our creek monster seems to be ever evolving and changing as we learn more about them and their habitat. I have been working on the eye team to bring the creature to life. Throughout the past 7 weeks my team… Continue Reading a new disgEYEs

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Creating the Music and Sound of Creek Monster

As a member of the Music and Sound Team for Creek Monster, my group members and I have been creating music samples for the project. Each of us came up with our own music sample for the project that we… Continue Reading Creating the Music and Sound of Creek Monster

What goes bump in the night. . . and says “excuse me.”

The build of the Creek Monster Habitat has begun at UT Austin. The first week was meeting the entire team and discussing the project itself, the designers presenting the design, and general building/ shop safety. The next week we broke… Continue Reading What goes bump in the night. . . and says “excuse me.”

The Magic (or science?) of Light

In the beginning there was light…  Well, if you plan it out there will be anyways 😉 I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be working on this project since the Spring Semester.  Throughout the summer I have been designing lighting… Continue Reading The Magic (or science?) of Light