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A Bit of Reflection

In our quest to enlighten the Austin community about the environment around us, my hope is that we’re able to present its sustainability through a medium that people want to see and listen to. As creatives, I feel like we… Continue Reading A Bit of Reflection

Waller Creek: The End For Me But Not For You

This semester was an interesting one. Never would I have imagined that a nationwide pandemic would force us to stay home, effectively stopping the Waller Creek Earth Day Project in its tracks. All the work that we had done as… Continue Reading Waller Creek: The End For Me But Not For You

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Monster In the Mirror

Now that the semester is nearing a close, we can now proudly stand back and observe our journey and the progress we have made so far. In the beginning, we set out to fabricate an experience with the purpose of… Continue Reading Monster In the Mirror

Waller Creek Project Reflection

Desired Outcomes As part of the Waller Creek Monster Project, I believe we aimed to provide the central Texas community with learning outcomes that encompass three main themes. These include: Sustainability: For the celebration of Earth Month, this project aimed… Continue Reading Waller Creek Project Reflection

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Reflecting on Waller Creek

Even though our project will not completely launch this year, it has already begun to impact our community. Students and faculty at our university have already begun to think more conservatively and notice our beautiful creek. People are taking note… Continue Reading Reflecting on Waller Creek

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Looking Back on 2020’s Waller Creek Project

What a year these past few weeks have been. Gatherings like the one pictured above feel like a distant memory at this point. I had initially gone into this project just hoping to get some audio hardware experience under my… Continue Reading Looking Back on 2020’s Waller Creek Project

Reflections on the Creek Monster & Other Thoughts

Everything’s weird, everything has been weird lately– especially the Creek Monster Project– as a result of the virus. I joined the class thinking I would get away from the normal routine of sitting in front of a computer all day… Continue Reading Reflections on the Creek Monster & Other Thoughts

Waller Creek Build

I believe that working on the Creek Monster Habitat project has been a very fulfilling experience. This project has given me the opportunity to step away from the typical number-crunching engineering courses and allowed me to be creative and be… Continue Reading Waller Creek Build

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The Build for Waller Creek

In the beginning, upon enrolling in this class, I was unaware of the scale and commitment of the project I was embarking on. In the previous semester, I had been a major role in construction in the first ever Escape… Continue Reading The Build for Waller Creek

Sound in Mental Wellness

Hello!! My name is Dani, I’m a senior majoring in Arts and Entertainment Technologies, and I’m part of the Mental Wellness team of the Waller Creek Earth Day project.  The first few weeks of this project was mainly to plan… Continue Reading Sound in Mental Wellness

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