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Lean, Mean, Machine

  Through this entire process, we have had to keep one crucial thing in mind; how much weight can a person can carry for 15-20 minutes at a time. This was one of our original guiding thoughts and has particularly… Continue Reading Lean, Mean, Machine

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Eye of the Beholder

For this Raptor project, I focused a lot on the eyes of our raptors. When making creatures, the eyes are what define the personality of the creature. The eyes set to whole mood and tone of how the audience will… Continue Reading Eye of the Beholder

The Skin on my Chinny-Chin-Chin

Yikes! Our raptor reveal party with breakfast tacos is one week away! But I feel great about our progress. A few weeks ago raptors were chasing me in my nightmares but now I feel great to stand in our classroom… Continue Reading The Skin on my Chinny-Chin-Chin

The Power of “Yet”

Up until this week, the theme of our class has been prototype, prototype, prototype and with each of our prototypes came a whole new series of questions, problem solving, and total confusion. We have had both major successes and slight… Continue Reading The Power of “Yet”

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A Real Leg Up

Hi readers! Last time I posted to the blog I was in the trenches of raptor leg building. I’m happy to say that we have finally locked down a solid leg structure. Since each dancer controlling each raptor is a… Continue Reading A Real Leg Up

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Come Together

18 people. 13 weeks. 3 raptors. So. Much. Foam.  We’re in the final two weeks of our class, and for us that means one thing- we’re in major crunch time. Now’s when we have to really come together as a… Continue Reading Come Together

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Heads Up!

Our cyberpunk raptors are slowly but surely beginning to show signs of life, but we can’t start shouting “IT’S ALIVE!!!” until we include the cherry on top of this robotic sundae: The Head! For me personally, this is the pièce de… Continue Reading Heads Up!

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Hands skin

For hands skin, skin team tried to use stretch fabric to be the foundation, and added latex skin with foam on to the stretch fabric.  We copy the shape of hand, and add thickness to where the hand needs. Cut… Continue Reading Hands skin

The Road Ahead

As deadlines creep closer and the school year gets rougher, progress in the Raptor lab is chugging along at a reasonable pace. The guest artist Zoë Morsette came in to present My Life in Art, as well as to assist… Continue Reading The Road Ahead

Wire Surface Treatment

WIRE SURFACE (Explorations) ABS Rod and Zip Ties Masking tape ¼ inch even weave Tan EVA 1inch foam Outlining wire frame Fill will fabric (scrim) EVA Flat Foam curved shapes Red “Licorice” small tube lining Grey EVA tube foam outlining… Continue Reading Wire Surface Treatment

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