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Week 8 Update – Raptor Report

The Raptor Team is quickly approaching the end of out prototyping phase and entering the final build. We have come a long way. Here is an update on the class happenings this week. We were so fortunate to be able… Continue Reading Week 8 Update – Raptor Report

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Week7 Update

Already halfway through the semester! Our meeting on Monday morning mainly focused on adjusting foot and leg placement.   Our major problem with the leg and foot is that: the feet team made their foot before the leg team finish… Continue Reading Week7 Update

How’s it Going?

It’s been practically 2 months, dozens of prototypes, and so much stress. We’ve fallen into the routine of creation; that is we have figured out how both create and solve problems. We’ve learned what materials we want, and what materials we… Continue Reading How’s it Going?

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The Problem with AC/DC

No, I’m not talking about the rock band. I’m talking about actual alternating current and direct current. The EL wires used on the raptor bodies are AC-powered, while the LEDs used in the raptor eyes are DC-powered. Both EL wires… Continue Reading The Problem with AC/DC

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Failing Better – Part 2

Well, I am continuing to fail successfully at this project. Here are some updates. Through a rough series of failures, Xindi and I are learning more and more that the CNC is not the best tool for this specific project.… Continue Reading Failing Better – Part 2

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Week 6 Update

We are nearly halfway through the semester! That means it’s almost time to begin the transition from prototyping to producing final products. Check out this video for a preview of this week’s raptor happenings: This week the raptor team had… Continue Reading Week 6 Update

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Using patterns to create the silhouette

According the 3rd raptor will be covered by latex skin for head, paws, legs, tail and part of  torso. The question is how to cover these pieces of skins on to each parts and keep each parts of silhouette. For… Continue Reading Using patterns to create the silhouette

One Foot at a Time

   The most unsuspecting challenge of this raptor build for me has been the complexity of making feet. Originally I was a part of the Artistry Team when then Structure team mentioned concerns about not being able to address the… Continue Reading One Foot at a Time

Come Together

Over this past week or two as the raptor pieces come together, I have noticed a greater need for reliable, durable, and elegant methods of joining the ABS rods, foam, and latex. The legs, because they have used some metal… Continue Reading Come Together

Remembering the Performer

You have done it! You have built a raptor. The frame and head are solid. The tail magnificent. The lights and skin stunning. Now all you have to do is put it on a human body and…. it doesn’t fit… Continue Reading Remembering the Performer

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