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Say hello to our grace and savior: Alex-Flex. Alex-flex is a “high performance spackling paste” that is meant to be used for “repairing holes and cracks in drywall, plaster, wood, and stone” but we used it to cover the body… Continue Reading F(A)lexing

Bringing the Horns to Life

The next step after designing the Horned King’s Horns were to bring them into reality. I decided that the right tool for the job was the Longhorn Inventionworks Craftbot XL 3D printer. Using a 3d printer allowed me to  easily… Continue Reading Bringing the Horns to Life

You Can’t be a Horned King Without Horns

It’s probably safe to say that the most distinctive feature of the Horned King are the massive horns sprouting out of the top of his head. Without them he’s really just another ghoul. We knew that in order for our… Continue Reading You Can’t be a Horned King Without Horns

Some ARRRtistic Liberties

Boy howdy so much has changed since we last spoke dear blog readers! As we approach our filming date, we have had to reexamine what it is we want to accomplish with this project. We see our project as having… Continue Reading Some ARRRtistic Liberties

Skullduggery Skull Rigging

The most iconic part of the Space Kook is his hair raising cackle, and in order to augment that audio, we really wanted to have his head and jaw move in proportion. Thus, I set forth on a mission, and… Continue Reading Skullduggery Skull Rigging

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Shedding some light on circuitry…

Hello internet! My name is Alex Jereb and my team and I are so close to having a screen ready Admin Bot! In addition to our Admin boy himself, however, it is also crucial that he be able to perform… Continue Reading Shedding some light on circuitry…

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One Final Effort

This is it. We all have one week left to go before shooting begins, but we have made great strides on all fronts in preparation for filming. Last week we held our first film test with our elements at the… Continue Reading One Final Effort

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Da Arm Puns! (And Other Team Activities)

My other teammates have touched on some of our failures, our success, and our technical processes, so I am going to speak on our collaboration and what the diversity of our members has brought to the table. In our group,… Continue Reading Da Arm Puns! (And Other Team Activities)

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Fail Fast. Recover Faster.

Practical and visual effects become seamless on film through hard work and skill, amazing design, and one’s ability to recover quickly from a total disaster. Unfortunately for us, bringing the Horned King to life is definitely living up to the… Continue Reading Fail Fast. Recover Faster.

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Building a Model Set

The largest obstacle to overcome when creating a model set is the scale. We tackled this issue after much deliberation and discussion on how proportional our robot and humans should be in size compared to the reactor room itself.  … Continue Reading Building a Model Set

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