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Implied Mechanics – Hiding and Faking Mechanisms

Goals For our bot’s arms, we wanted a highly flexible structure, so puppeteering them with rods would be straightforward and wouldn’t resist motion much. However, we also wanted our arms to look like they were being controlled by actuators on… Continue Reading Implied Mechanics – Hiding and Faking Mechanisms

One Final Effort

This is it. We all have one week left to go before shooting begins, but we have made great strides on all fronts in preparation for filming. Last week we held our first film test with our elements at the… Continue Reading One Final Effort

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Building a Model Set

The largest obstacle to overcome when creating a model set is the scale. We tackled this issue after much deliberation and discussion on how proportional our robot and humans should be in size compared to the reactor room itself. ¬†… Continue Reading Building a Model Set

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Building the Bot – A Tale of Digital Fabrication

At the heart of our project lives a robot with the sole purpose of defending the reactor at all costs. Our team decided we wanted the robot to be small-scale, have poseable features, and look distinctly non-human. Because of these… Continue Reading Building the Bot – A Tale of Digital Fabrication

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Getting Things Started

This project originated from the thought: if we are going to have access to these facilities, to these materials and these professionals¬†for guidance, why not go big? When I was originally formulating the pitch my thought process was to take… Continue Reading Getting Things Started

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