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Experimentation and Tried and Tested Trade Secrets

After further progress on our Space Kook it became clear we had to divide up the work between two Space Kook iterations. Our Big guy and our Little guy, and with this division so our experimentation began! Within our group

Skullduggery Skull Rigging

The most iconic part of the Space Kook is his hair raising cackle, and in order to augment that audio, we really wanted to have his head and jaw move in proportion. Thus, I set forth on a mission, and

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Collaboration Kooks

Hi there- My name is Erika Casales, and I’m a part of the Space Kook team. Our final goal is to recreate a short clip of a scene from Scooby Doo, using 3D assets to create our rendering. We are

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Something Scary, Something New, Something Cackles, Something blue!

Scooby Doo is one of the most widely recognizable, and long running cartoons of all time clocking in at almost 50 years of thrilling mystery solving and hijinks. I remember being at Thanksgiving gatherings and finding that one of the

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