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Race to the End

Well this week we definitely were put to the test and went full speed. Finally through the kitpices onto the ship and did some rough up to give it the old and aged look. Kaan’s and Kyle’s artistry skills are… Continue Reading Race to the End

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Some ARRRtistic Liberties

Boy howdy so much has changed since we last spoke dear blog readers! As we approach our filming date, we have had to reexamine what it is we want to accomplish with this project. We see our project as having… Continue Reading Some ARRRtistic Liberties

Oh Ship!

Howdy! The past week has been filled with tons of awesome progress for team WARBRINGERS.  Darshan has been hard at work creating the final lift system for our ship’s hull, Kyle has been making great strides with the masts and… Continue Reading Oh Ship!

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She Shall Rise from Below the Deep Blue Sea

Hey, guys, my name is Darshan Desai and I am a member of the Warbringer team. I have really been enjoying this whole process of this project because I love model making and all the practicality we have to include makes it even… Continue Reading She Shall Rise from Below the Deep Blue Sea

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Come Hull or High Water

Since joining this class and diving head first into the amazing challenges and lessons it has to offer, I have had one thing on my mind: “Oh good lord, what have I done.” My name is Kyle Cordova and I… Continue Reading Come Hull or High Water

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