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A Bit of Reflection

In our quest to enlighten the Austin community about the environment around us, my hope is that we’re able to present its sustainability through a medium that people want to see and listen to. As creatives, I feel like we… Continue Reading A Bit of Reflection

Waller Creek Project Reflection

Desired Outcomes As part of the Waller Creek Monster Project, I believe we aimed to provide the central Texas community with learning outcomes that encompass three main themes. These include: Sustainability: For the celebration of Earth Month, this project aimed… Continue Reading Waller Creek Project Reflection

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Sound in Mental Wellness

Hello!! My name is Dani, I’m a senior majoring in Arts and Entertainment Technologies, and I’m part of the Mental Wellness team of the Waller Creek Earth Day project.  The first few weeks of this project was mainly to plan… Continue Reading Sound in Mental Wellness

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Sweep the Monster off of its..Steel Feet

With our steel structure close to being done, my team and I needed to start thinking about ways to make the other teams’ lives and job more easier, along with an easy assembly of the structure during set up. The… Continue Reading Sweep the Monster off of its..Steel Feet

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3 Students vs. 1 Steel Monster

This journey was a test to my abilities and creation of new ones. I came in with some sculpture experience and set design skills but I had never worked with steel before. First thing we did was come up with… Continue Reading 3 Students vs. 1 Steel Monster

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The Sound Design Process

The Creek Monster Habitat is the first big collaborative project I’ve been a part of, and I could not have asked for a better beginning. Going into this project, I was so nervous. I don’t think I fully understood the… Continue Reading The Sound Design Process

Testing Out the Sound

A big part of creating an immersive soundscape is having the right technology for it. We now have fourteen rock speakers that will blend in with the surroundings and that are definitely loud enough to cut through the loud noise/commotion… Continue Reading Testing Out the Sound

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!!!Spoiler Alert!!! Matthew McConaughey is NOT the creek monster.

There is nothing quite like building something and getting a little dirty in the process. For years, fabricating physical objects was my normal. But for the past year, my new normal has been sitting in a studio, drawing theoretical plans,… Continue Reading !!!Spoiler Alert!!! Matthew McConaughey is NOT the creek monster.

Product Development of an Underworld Camcorder- An ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience

From beginning to end this past semester, the product development of the Bat Camcorder challenged us weekly to consider design changes for both function and aesthetics. Now that the effect has been filmed, a finalization of the prototype is continued… Continue Reading Product Development of an Underworld Camcorder- An ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience

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Not for Intended Use

Of all the things my team has learned from working on the Bat-Camcorder, the biggest lesson is that you never have to use materials for their original use. In fact, sometimes materials work better if they are not used for their… Continue Reading Not for Intended Use

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