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Reflections on Leaves, illusion, and interactivity.

Standing under the trees watching thousands of people emerge from the creek path and view our Monster Habitat for the first time gave me perspective on the process of creating this exhibit. The ground cloth, that I had been staring… Continue Reading Reflections on Leaves, illusion, and interactivity.

10 Weeks Later…

To say the least, this was one monster project…(*ba-dum-tssss*) I recall our first official class this previous September: I was totally overwhelmed by our tight timeline, the scale of our project (compared to the size of our class), and quite… Continue Reading 10 Weeks Later…

Creating a Voice for the Monster

At the start of this project, I felt like I was drowning. There was so much to do, so much direction to follow (or little depending on how you look at it), and so little time. Creative liberty can be… Continue Reading Creating a Voice for the Monster

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Habitat and Homelessness

There is a strange phenomena in the art world, where in many instances, the created work begins to reflect current issues that may not have been part of the original aim of the project. I feel like this was the… Continue Reading Habitat and Homelessness

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Troubleshooting with a Master

Working with Davin Huston as a guest artist was an excellent experience.  As a fellow electrician, maker, tinker and fixer, it was amazing to see kindred spirit join the team to help us solve some of our hardest problems.                 … Continue Reading Troubleshooting with a Master

Creating the Circuitry of the Monster Eyes

Now that the code is done, we need a way to turn the bits into actual light! This ended up being a much more complicated task than I had anticipated.Since we decided to use Node RED on a Raspberry Pi,… Continue Reading Creating the Circuitry of the Monster Eyes

Bringing the Monster Eyes to Life With Node RED

Creating a living, breathing environment for the Creek Monster Habitat is a fundamental design element that will be achieved through lighting and music. One very important part of the lighting system is the monster eyes. Originally, the plan was to… Continue Reading Bringing the Monster Eyes to Life With Node RED

Feeling Comfortable in Our Skin

Upon entering the Creek Monster classroom for the first time, I expected to be following a blue print that had already been laid out for me of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I… Continue Reading Feeling Comfortable in Our Skin

Exploring the Creek Monster

By being a part of this project I was able to experience many challenges and triumphs. Some challenges were figuring out how to collect large amounts of plant species to dress the nest. We also had to gather a substantial… Continue Reading Exploring the Creek Monster

Aaaaand That’s a Wrap!

Getting the chance to create the music and sound of the Creek Monster Habitat for the Waller Creek Show 2019 was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I was recommended for the class by a previous professor that I’d taken… Continue Reading Aaaaand That’s a Wrap!