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Hi there-

My name is Erika Casales, and I’m a part of the Space Kook team. Our final goal is to recreate a short clip of a scene from Scooby Doo, using 3D assets to create our rendering. We are constructing a realistically horrific, yet still eccentric rendition of an astronaut- like monster.

I was super excited to take part in this team, as each of the four of us have a great deal of individual talent and come from a variety of backgrounds. We have skills in film, detailed handiwork, costume design, art, theater, and advertising. It almost seemed too good to be true, as we felt that we had all aspects of the project under control.

Tess and Austin in cheery discussion about our project.

However, it was soon realized that our diverse areas of expertise also led to some conflict. Our strong knowledge of various disciplines led to different methods and ideas of approaching situations. For example, our costume designer has a great deal of experience using fabric, while others are more comfortable using hard materials such as plastic and metal. It is often difficult to come to a conclusion on which specific materials to work with, and how to go about fabricating them.

An example of how our different minds leads us to create
different work and consider different variables.
L: Erika Casales; M: Austin Hannon; R: Tess Jackson 

When our team was first created, we made an effort to explain our strengths and weaknesses, so we each were aware of one another’s personal tendencies. It is important to set this up from the beginning, so that if a teammate needs critique later in the project, it is taken as constructive criticism rather than as an interpersonal issue. I try to use this tactic in any group setting I work in, as it creates a stimulating environment rather than an argumentative one.

Although we are each fairly easy going in nature, we have also had some issues in delegating tasks. I think that each of us are strong personalities, and are willing to speak up when we feel something could be completed more efficiently. We are all comfortable being leaders, and feel confident taking responsibility on projects. This obviously has the potential to create friction, as we each believe we are correct in our beliefs.

As we have become closer as both teammates and friends, communication has become more reasonable and efficient. We are now more comfortable stating our mind, and taking into consideration one another’s expertise. I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside individuals with such unique experiences, as I am usually surrounded by people with similar skills as my own. This project has surely been a learning experience for each of us. I have appreciated the venture we have been on thus far, and look forward to future growth as well.

We keep morale high by setting aside time to goof around in the Hatchery.
Pictured: Steve Jobs as a dinosaur.

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