Resilience Sentry

Our Mission

To provide our local community with an immersive, collaborative experience that emotionally connects them to current environmental issues facing Texas. 


“The problem is not precision. The problem is perception.” – Anne McClintock

How will designing an escape room experience make Texas more resilient to increasingly severe weather changes? By connecting the research and data collected on our changing climate with an emerging emphasis on immersive experience in the arts, we hope to create a compelling call to action that permeates all disciplines. 

This project is our response to the grand challenge set forth by Planet Texas 2050. To address the most urgent issues affecting our region, Planet Texas 2050 is committed to developing programs and policy recommendations that will improve Texas’ adaptability, sustainability, and resilience.

Core Values

  1. We spark EMPATHY by combining our different skill sets to design an impactful immersive experience.
  2. We COLLABORATE to model the interdisciplinary cooperation we wish to see within our communities. 
  3. We EDUCATE our community by presenting accurate data on Texas’ rapid population growth and increasingly extreme weather events.
  4. We EMPOWER our players by providing resources for them to take action against climate change.
  5. We welcome PARTICIPATION from all members of our community and work to make our experience accessible to all.