Enron Raptor Class Description


Driven by student inquiry and collaboration, our class will construct three “velociraptor” puppet suits for the Spring production of Enron for The University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance Oscar G. Brockett theatre. Collaborating closely with Texas Performing Arts instructors Karen Maness and J. E. Johnson and costume designer Caitlyn Graham, each student will draw upon their existing competencies and interests to contribute value and determine technical design solutions, material choices, fabrication schedules, and project milestones.

All are expected to blend traditional methods with digital fabrication to discover individualized problem solving styles. Experiences in this class will be directly applicable to careers in film production and design, performance design, themed attraction, and product development. The project will move from rigorous theoretical experiment to realized performance-ready element over the course of a semester.


Neither technical experience nor skill are required, but students must be self-motivated and deeply committed.

  • Collaboration will be facilitated and closely supported by a broad group of faculty, professional staff, and guest artists.
  • Class will be conducted in a fabrication space at Texas Performing Arts.
  • Students must be available to meet for two hours, Monday mornings 8 to 10 am.
  • Students can expect to dedicate seven or more hours outside of class time engaged in project research, planning, and execution. (Lab times TBA).
  • Class size will be 9 to 12 students and composed of both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • There are no additional fees associated with the course – all materials necessary for prototyping and construction will be purchased from a pre-approved production budget.
  • Students will receive advanced mentorship in traditional fabrication methods that may include carpentry, welding, sewing, casting, sculpting, and machining as well as digital technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC machining.
  • Students may also explore advanced topics in manipulating applied physical textures and finishes on both strange and common surfaces to achieve a desired look.
  • Projects may also include imbedded circuits and micro controllers.
  • Students will be expected to make use of and contribute to the “open source” culture of the maker movement.
  • Participants will use online and mobile project management platforms.

You will not find this class in the Course Schedule. The Enron Raptor Class is a 3 credit hour independent study in The College of Fine Arts Department of Theatre and Dance for the Fall 2017 semester only.

To enroll for this opportunity you must first have approval from the instructors and complete the corresponding independent study forms. To receive approval and forms please complete the application survey and we’ll be in touch faster than a velociraptor.


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