Come Together

18 people. 13 weeks. 3 raptors. So. Much. Foam. 

We’re in the final two weeks of our class, and for us that means one thing- we’re in major crunch time. Now’s when we have to really come together as a team and make things work in an efficient, fast, and, above all, awesome way.

Raptors 2 and 3, in progress.

At this point, we’ve figured out how we’re going to do everything- we have the pieces of skin, we have the structure, we have all the right parts and we know where they’re going. So…now all we have to is put it all together, right? No problem.

Then again, what’s theatre without some last minute snags? Now, we’ve done a pretty good job of communicating between teams throughout the process, but there are always unforeseen circumstances. For instance, when we went to attach skin to the third raptor, we realized that the overall look would be much smaller than the other two raptors because it didn’t have any of the extra cabling that gave them the look of muscles. We ended up solving the issue thanks to our team’s creative minds, however I have a feeling we’ll be solving a lot of little issues for the next two weeks.

Team members, JE, Karen, Sam, and Cait work on adjustments on Sarah, Raptor number 1.

Electrics team and I have will be working this week to tie up all our loose ends as well. I spent some time today updating the tray we made for our equipment to sit on (up until a few hours ago, we were still using torn cardboard). We’ve also been working on the design lines of the EL wire, as well as testing our LED tape.

We can finally see the finish line, and we’re itching to cross it.


For now, we’ve definitely got a tight schedule ahead of us. The bright side is, on December 11 we’re going to get to show off three incredible products. We can’t wait to light them up!

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