Creating the Music and Sound of Creek Monster

As a member of the Music and Sound Team for Creek Monster, my group members and I have been creating music samples for the project. Each of us came up with our own music sample for the project that we aspire to blend together to create an ambient, warm background for the Creek Monster Habitat. I played around in Logic X Pro with different samples and instruments, and then on my digital keyboard at home to create some of the music.

The type of environment that the Creek Monster Team is striving to create will have a warm, friendly atmosphere. The creek monster is a shy, bashful creature not looking to harm anyone, just seeking understanding for itself and Waller Creek. One way I wanted to portray this feeling was through music. On top of the friendly atmosphere, I wanted to add a sense of curiosity and playfulness into the mix. Through the use of bell pads, an assortment of synths, celesta, panpipes, timpani, and bass hits, I was able to construct the type of environment that I was aiming to create.

The sound of the Creek Monster is another story. Like I said with the music, the sound is also a very important tool when it comes to conveying mood or emotion. My team and I decided to use natural sounding sounds like crickets, wind rustling through the trees, water flowing, etc. For the Creek Monster itself, I am currently experimenting with whale sounds, as they emanate from a real animal, yet convey plenty of emotion. For the eye blinks of the creek monster, I’m experimenting with water droplet sounds. What I like about the water droplet sound effect is the watery sound that it possesses, which I think makes the water droplet sound like a more realistic effect for the eye blink.

As for the speaker system, my team and I have 16 channels at our disposal. We plan to divide the music into three sections- one for each group member. The speakers will line the path in pairs which will hopefully help with the music transitions sounding more natural as they pass from each of the speaker pairs.

I can’t wait to see what other sounds we choose, and how we approach blending the music and our use of speaker placement. I look forward to showing everyone what we end up creating when Creek Monster premieres!