Early Stages of the Monster’s Nest

We in the nest team have been working on some ideas and prototypes of how the nest walls will be crafted. In doing this, we have to keep in mind its need to be portable, eco-friendly, flexible, and, well, nest-like. Our first thought, which we are running with right now, was to find a netting type material and weave twigs and sticks through it. In this way, the nest wall will be foldable like a blanket. Our next task was to find a kind of wood that was flexible enough to bend in the dome-shape of our structure. We tried first with bamboo rods, however, they were too brittle and snapped very easily. Instead, we opted to try it out with willow, which was very successful. So, incorporating our idea of netting and our discovery of the success of willow, we used a sample of athletic netting that we wove willow twigs through. The result was very easily rolled up, reasonably flexible, but also sturdy. Now, we will begin work on a full-sized model!