Dear Creek Monster Habitat Class:

I have tried to type this intro at least a dozen times now… I just get so emotional.

I would like to begin with how much I appreciate each one of you. Classmates, collaborators, designers, friends. Not only I learned new abilities and delivered an amazing project, but I also found a great network of incredibly hardworking and talented people that I consider friends. After so much overthinking I decided to highlight all the triumphs I can think of over our 10-week span.

Week 1.

We successfully identified the story, function, audience/stakeholders, and constraints about this project. As well as what we brought into the class and what we wanted to get out of it.

Oh and we learned how to weave? That was cool.

photo: Laura Godinez

Week 2.

Welcome to the team. As soon as we went with our teams we started to work, the lighting team, pictured below talked about how we were going to light us the eyes and how we wanted to control them.

Week 3.

Prototypes! The eyes team came up with this little guy, the structures team had a model of how the framework was going to look and the LX team had a magic sheet of how the lights were going to look.

blinking prototype from the eyes team

Week 4.

We saw more light options for the eyes and some music samples

LED diode behind the big eyeball prototype from the Eyes team

Week 5.

the structure went from metal pieces to a dome in a weekend. The LX team created a magic sheet that could run effects on their EOSnomad and started working on color palettes.

Week 6.

The skin team got to see their prototype working as intended with fishing nets and a bamboo frame, the eyes team decided to use vacuum form for all the large eye sets and the LX team figured out how to control multiple software sending OSC messages (OSC means open sound control and it’s used to talk to and control computers in the same network.

Week 7.

the LX team recorded effects using groups in the magic sheet. The effects had a great effect on the overall look so all colors were chosen so it would be visually pleasant. The eye team scored another goal by figuring out the small eye boxes and how to move forward from the “blink” and the leaf team showed us the best UV glowing paper ever.

Week 8 – 9

I blurred those two weeks together. I just remember there was a lot of soldering, more than I could have ever imagined. The LX team tested the eye boxes with LED tape and they looked wonderful! However, since the eye team had cut the expensive blink mechanism we needed 3 large eye sets and 10 eye boxes. We cut cable, solder the connection ends, cut the LED tape, and solder some more. We also solder the raspberry pi boards, all the LED diodes to ribbon cable, we tested the LED diodes for the large eyes, we also extended all the LED tape on the structure and made 2 control boxes for the DMX decoders to live inside them. All this while all the other teams were going strong! The Eye team painted and crafted the large eyes and boxes, the leaf team cut and put together an enormous amount of construction fence, the structures team harvested for the skin team while they dressed the nest, and the music team made a sound network with 16 speakers.

Week 9 and the beginning of week 10 were the most stressful for the LX team and Davin and Delena and Karen…

Week 10.

Oh, week 10… lots of triumphs!