Every mention of the raptors in the Enron script [SPOILER ALERT]

[UPDATE: Director Hannah Wolf’s notes in bold 9/8/17]

  • Out of the shadows, a raptor appears (44)
  • FASTOW turns slowly around to see that the other two raptors have taken corporeal form and have also crept into LJM. (44) Raptor 1 on stage. Raptor 2 is only seen because it’s eyes light up, upstage. 
  • The raptors scuttle about. The raptors creep eerily around in the shadows. (45) They’ll hide when Skilling enters. They’re always moving, circling the column, entering and exiting (if possible). They shouldn’t ever be still. 
  • One of the raptors approaches SKILLING… It smells him cautiously. (47)
  • SKILLING feeds one of them a dollar bill. (47) Raptor won’t eat money. This may get cut. (Or possibly a raptor puts it’s head in a box? simulate eating paper?) The more ways that we can tie the Raptors and the boxes of paper together, the clearer torching LJM will be. 
  • SKILLING strokes a raptor. (48)
  • One of the raptors runs towards ROW and chases her out of the building. (48) Won’t do a full run, more of a fake out towards her that gets her out.
  • FASTOW is surrounded by his raptors. (53) Raptor 1 and 2 only.
  • The raptors scuttle away. (55)
  • Two have grown very bold now—fast and aggressive. (63) Intro of Raptor 3 (possibly have Fastow leading it, like he’s been able to capture it for a while. Raptor 3 is the strongest and scariest, if Fastow is leading it, possibly by a rope or something that it can get out of?). 
  • One of them is week and sickly, the other two flank to protect it. Raptor 1 is sick. 
  • SKILLING approaches to pet them and one of the strong raptors is aggressive. He backs off, it follows him and pins him. (63) It would be great if one of them could knock over a box of papers, to show their ownership over the space and aggression. 
  • FASTOW tasers a raptor to protect SKILLING. It falls down, ultimately unharmed. Most likely raptor 2, depending on how Raptor 3 gets into the space. It doesn’t fall, just retreats. 
  • FASTOW tries to look at and comfort the injured raptor. (63)
  • They seem to hear him and snap around maybe moving toward FASTOW for support. (63)
  • As SKILLING is at his most manic and the raptors circling… (65)
  • FASTOW destroys the raptors and torches LJM. (65) Unplugs the raptors, torching LJM is Fastow shredding documents. 
  • SKILLING thinks he sees a raptor still at large. (69) All in Skilling’s mind.
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