Experimentation and Tried and Tested Trade Secrets

After further progress on our Space Kook it became clear we had to divide up the work between two Space Kook iterations. Our Big guy and our Little guy, and with this division so our experimentation began! Within our group we have a variety of experience and one of our members (Austin Hannon) has quite a bit of professional experience in the prop fabrication field. While we all tag teamed different parts of each Kook, Austin and Tess Jackson worked predominantly on our Big guy and Tess and I worked on our Little Guy.

We started with a base of a 8 inch manipulatable drawing figure. From there we tried and tested just about everything we could think of to give us the silhouette of the classic Space Kook. We started with styrene but quickly realized that could only be used for accents.

We then tried cardboard, clay, and different sized plastic cups before finally settling on a combination of the last two.

The ligaments of the Space Kook proved a bit trickier. We needed to find a way to keep his arms and legs manipulatable without sacrificing the shape of the original Kook. We tried and tested smoothie straws, foam, styrene, and finally what was the most successful, 7- Eleven slurpee straws. We painted and cut these straws cut to each section of Little guys arms and legs.

The tried and tested trade secrets come from Austin’s experience. Once we had a solid foundation of the Little guy the finishing touches were the most crucial. Austin used a 9 step painting process.

  1. primer
  2. spackle
  3. primer
  4. metallic gray paint
  5. blue base coat
  6. latex
  7. darker blue paint
  8. latex
  9. orange rust colored paint

The goal of these many steps was to expose different layers by peeling up the latex. This, in combination with our experimentation, meant we created a Space Kook!