Exploring the Creek Monster

By being a part of this project I was able to experience many challenges and triumphs. Some challenges were figuring out how to collect large amounts of plant species to dress the nest. We also had to gather a substantial amount of materials to dress the nest. We were finally able to discover that ligustrum was a perfect plant material to sculpt with through much trial and error. During this project we also had to figure out how to best sculpt our materials to give the nest directionality and form. We were able to fin da solution to this by patterning out our bamboo sheeting with rope. This method allowed us to determine where plants would be places on the nest to maintain directionality.

We were also to get all of the nest dressed on time and to the fullness we envisioned. A key part to this success was making ornaments which we would dress on tables and then we would place these pieces on-top of parts of the nest that were higher to reach.

A personal success that was achieved was being able to work with so many people from a variety of disciplines. Being able to work on this project has brought me so much joy. It was an amazing experience to meet our goals and to see the community engage with our work in a positive way. I think that our piece has helped bring awareness to the creek and has helped inform the community of how humans have an impact on their environment.