Feeling Comfortable in Our Skin

Upon entering the Creek Monster classroom for the first time, I expected to be following a blue print that had already been laid out for me of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I was in for a total shock. I quickly realized that I would be learning how to build this monster along side my professor and TA. This little tidbit terrified me.

When my teammate and I were assigned to each other with the task of creating the nest skin for our structure, we felt more than a little in over our heads. In the beginning, we were pretty sure we would have to weave the base of the skin ourselves, and for a two person team, this was very daunting. Ultimately, with a little help from our Professor, we found a great alternative! Bamboo sheeting!

The next two months were filled with splinters, sculpting with nontraditional materials (our different plant species that made up our nest walls), and being a little too brave on ladders. Our biggest struggle was trying to find time when we two chronically busy, artsy people could get together, but we ultimately made time on Saturdays and early mornings before class.

We accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time for two very short people and I could not be more proud!