Hands skin

For hands skin, skin team tried to use stretch fabric to be the foundation, and added latex skin with foam on to the stretch fabric.

 We copy the shape of hand, and add thickness to where the hand needs.

Cut the paper pattern down, and cut 2 pieces in stretch fabric which have to be symmetry.

It means that once you chosen one side of pattern to cut, then when you cut the second piece, you have to turn the pattern to other side to cut.


For the aim of the skin gloves could be wearable, we also add zipper on to stretch fabric.






According this hand is blocky, particular the part of finger turn to the other finger, so I cut 2 strips of stretch fabric, this part we called gusset, to create the turning shape and give the fingers thickness.

Cut the latex skin of palm, put it on to the stretch fabric, and sew both two sides of palm, connect the latex skin and stretch fabric together.

And sew the zipper edge again, secure all materials attach together where is around the zipper.

And cut the latex skin at the top and middle of the zipper.



Prepare different oval size of latex skin to create the texture and knuckles. Use Barge to glue together.




After class meeting, we all think the latex skin is to heavy, so that caused the hand lost the flowing movement. Right now, we would not cover whole hand to decrease the weight from covering materials.