Looking Through the Bamboo

Being on the nest dressing team has presented many fun challenges. In the beginning we had to figure out how different types of invasive plant species (such as arundo) would behave when made into a curve or swirl. We worked on creating depth through layering of plants and by using a variety to give our nest a wider range of values. We then applied a form or recycles ocean netting to our bamboo base to provide structure. The most exciting part of this project was being able to sculpt with different types of plant species. A challenge that this presented was collecting the plants and then seeing how different types of plants would behave. For example, the willow that was collected allows us to use it for creating complex curves around the nest. The arundo is able to be used in building a strong base for our dressing. 

A game changer for our team was when artist James Ortiz came in to give his insight on the project. We were looking for a way to give the nest dressing more directionality, and he suggested using rope. Our team immediately began to place the rope onto the nest and it really made a difference! Now not only are we able to direct the flow of the plants, but the rope also acts as a guide for others to help sculpt as well. 

As an artist, I have loved being able to expand my knowledge of sculpting. I have learned so much from working on this project and I hope to apply these skills in the future.