Raptors: The Experience of Creation


Ever since most of us were kids, we wanted to have our own pet dinosaur. We dreamed that one day we would ride on our very on T-Rex. Little did I know, this year I would be working on building velociraptor costumes for the show Enron. It hasn’t been the easiest of journeys so far, but it has already become a great passion for many of us working on the project.

Every Monday, all sixteen of us dinosaur enthusiasts meet to regroup and plan our goals for the week. Beyond those two hours, the process is all on us. My team, responsible for creating the main body and harness for the performer, has been working to maintain lightness of materials and structural stability for the body. We meet just about whenever we can in order to continue thinking and creating together.

Sam wearing our first imagined harness.

We began by playing with all the materials we had at our disposal to learn about their flexibility and durability. We then started construction, our original process consisted primarily of placing materials in hopes of finding that golden raptor shape. As we began to see our hatchling take shape, we became more and more precise with how we wanted our raptor to look and move.

David wearing Raptor Prototype 1.

Throughout the process we have had guidance by many professionals as well. We recently went on a field trip where we visited a local company, Quantum Shop, also working on their own dinosaur project. Whilst there they offered valuable insight to solving many of our problems. One such problem was our tail. We had been trying to create joints, but the hardware we were using was just too heavy. They helped us to understand the problem and work towards finding a better solution.

This past week we have been undergoing more collaboration with other groups in order to piece our raptor together and touch up our prototype. We have re-placed the ribs of the dino more thoroughly as well as working with other groups to attach their pieces to the main body.

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