Reflecting on Waller Creek

Even though our project will not completely launch this year, it has already begun to impact our community. Students and faculty at our university have already begun to think more conservatively and notice our beautiful creek. People are taking note of their actions and are thinking more green. I hope people continue to notice the environment around them and realize we need to take care of our wonderful planet. Recycling, watching where you throw your trash, and even something so easily as walking to school can truly make a difference! Sitting by a creek and taking a moment to relax can also affect your mood in a more positive way. If our project is starting to affect people now, I cannot wait until next year when it is in full effect!

One of the groups our team worked closely with was the members of the MindBody Lab. This group taught us more on the importance of mental wellness and how to take care of it. It was interesting to learn exactly wich sounds and music styles can help to benefit a person mentally. It was also fun developing my skills as a composer and sound designer more. Using what we have learned we were able to write three songs each with differing style but equally calming. We made sure to implant these methods in our soundscape and activities such as yoga. Yoga can be helpful by letting you take a moment to focus on just breathing instead of your surroundings.

It is hard sometimes remaining calm in stressful times, but with the right help you can at least feel a little better. It is especially important during times like these to take a moment to check on yourself. We have made our music public so that people may take time to relax to it if they wish. I will leave a link to mine below! We want to do all we can to help people struggling, so we hope that our music can give some relief. Remember to practice self care: listen to some calming music, do some yoga at home, or sit down and take a moment to reflect. Also make sure talk to those around you if you are having a hard time.

Next year when this project starts up again I want to be a part of it. I believe it is important to teach our community on the importance of sustainability and mental wellness. We worked hard planning the soundscape and the yoga classes, and I am excited to see our plans come to fruition next year! Hopefully other members of the project will rejoin next year as well. This project has turned out to be bigger than I could have ever imagined! No matter what happens I cannot wait until next year to see little creek monster come to life!

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