Reflections of a Creek Monster

When this course first began, not many of us knew what to expect.  I mean, a course focusing on creating a Creek Monster Habitat… what does that even mean?!  However as the weeks passed, the amazing guest artists came and went, and all the groups had to collaborate not only within themselves, but with other groups, the designers, and our fearless leader, Karen Maness – we all learned exactly what creating a Creek Monster Habitat entailed, and just how much work and trouble shooting was ahead…

Throughout this past semester, as a member of the Eye Team, I got to learn firsthand how critical prototypes are to either prove or disprove a concept before mass production on a fabrication project – and wow, by the end of the semester we had sure worked through some vastly different prototypes. I also learned how difficult making several blinking monster-eye sets (with 8 blinking eyes each) is to create via animatronics in a team where… no one really had substantial animatronics experience. Needless to say, despite a lot of great information and encouragement from our awesome Meow Wolf guest artist, Parker Jennings, we were ultimately so happy to scrap the idea of eye-blinking animatronics in favor of a more simple light & paint based eye-blinking tactic, but of course, that was only the beginning of the real work…

With only a few weeks to go before the show opened, and our mass production plan only now falling into place, we were lucky enough to have the skilled Emma Craig to lead us through the next few weeks of quick production.  This entailed pulling all the vacuform eyes, cutting their luan mounts, painting the eyes and boxes, sealing the boxes, disguising the eye-edges to blend in with the nest skin, and collaborating with the lighting team to figure out blinking logistics.  

But before we knew it, it was the day of installation and was amazing to be apart of this wacky and fun project!

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