Shocking developments…

When I got put on the electrics team at the start of this process, I was…terrified. I have experience with building, painting, crafting, and designing- but very little experience with electricity. To tell you the truth, that’s why I wanted to be on this team- nothing could stop me from trying to soak up as much knowledge from my teammates as possible. 

Teammate Allegra’s programming for the veins.

Like I said, working in this area is totally new for me. I’m used to being able to put my hands on what it is I’m crafting. So, when my teammates started spouting off words like “Escudo,” “XBEE networking,” and “Arduino,” I was lost. However, because of my teammate’s patience and willingness to teach, I’ve been able to grasp the basics of what it is we’re doing. This week’s feat has been learning to solder.

Seeing our lights working for the first time!

So far, we’ve figured out how we’re going to do the lights, veins, and control them. However, now that we have a path figured out, we just need to put it all together. That means a lot of patience, a lot of troubleshooting, and a lot of soldering. To me, that means an opportunity for me to mesh my skills with the project. Now, I’ve soldered some- not a lot. The most I’ve done is some practice on some nail heads, which didn’t give a terribly accurate representation of what it was really like to solder. One of my teammates was kind enough to show me how soldering to a board works. He showed me the precision it takes as well as how to make sure its done correctly by testing circuits. This forced me to take my rough skills and refine them to work in a practical setting- and I was successful! After some trial and error I learned how to make sure my solders were within the lines as well as secure. I never thought it was something I’d be doing, but I’m incredibly thankful for the chance to really use my skills to make something absolutely electrifying.


A snapshot of our prototype lights all plugged into the Arduino board.

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