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Waller Creek: The End For Me But Not For You

This semester was an interesting one. Never would I have imagined that a nationwide pandemic would force us to stay home, effectively stopping the Waller Creek Earth Day Project in its tracks. All the work that we had done as… Continue Reading Waller Creek: The End For Me But Not For You

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Earth Day Course Review

The story for this project begins with Karen Maness and Texas Performing Arts being presented with an opportunity to participate in the Waterloo Greenway 2019 Creek Show by creating a site specific art installation.  This opportunity led to the formation… Continue Reading Earth Day Course Review

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Looking Back: the Creek Monster Habitat Project

The Creek Monster Habitat Project was created with the intended goal of promoting sustainable environmental practices, appreciation of our natural environments and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day through the use of art. All was in place for a successful… Continue Reading Looking Back: the Creek Monster Habitat Project

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Waller Creek Project Reflection

Desired Outcomes As part of the Waller Creek Monster Project, I believe we aimed to provide the central Texas community with learning outcomes that encompass three main themes. These include: Sustainability: For the celebration of Earth Month, this project aimed… Continue Reading Waller Creek Project Reflection

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