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Earth Day Course Review

The story for this project begins with Karen Maness and Texas Performing Arts being presented with an opportunity to participate in the Waterloo Greenway 2019 Creek Show by creating a site specific art installation.  This opportunity led to the formation… Continue Reading Earth Day Course Review

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Reflecting on Waller Creek

Even though our project will not completely launch this year, it has already begun to impact our community. Students and faculty at our university have already begun to think more conservatively and notice our beautiful creek. People are taking note… Continue Reading Reflecting on Waller Creek

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Waller Creek Build

I believe that working on the Creek Monster Habitat project has been a very fulfilling experience. This project has given me the opportunity to step away from the typical number-crunching engineering courses and allowed me to be creative and be… Continue Reading Waller Creek Build

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Sound in Mental Wellness

Hello!! My name is Dani, I’m a senior majoring in Arts and Entertainment Technologies, and I’m part of the Mental Wellness team of the Waller Creek Earth Day project.  The first few weeks of this project was mainly to plan… Continue Reading Sound in Mental Wellness

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My Experience with The Spring 2020 Waller Creek Project

by Katherine Deegan At the beginning of this semester, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered for the Waller Creek Earth Day Project Class. I was hoping for the opportunity to get involved with a unique project that… Continue Reading My Experience with The Spring 2020 Waller Creek Project

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The Impact of the Waller Creek Project

I had the good fortune of stumbling across the Waller Creek Project over the course of Spring 2020 registration. I am an AET student focusing on music and sound, but it was a bit difficult to find music related courses… Continue Reading The Impact of the Waller Creek Project

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The Sounds of Waller Creek

Hi my name’s Taylor Wood and I’m a sophomore Arts and Entertainment Technologies major. I am also a part of the sound/mental wellness team of the Waller Creek project. This project has helped me so much to develop my skills… Continue Reading The Sounds of Waller Creek

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Waller Creek Mid-Project Experience

Hello! My name is Andrea Pantoja, and I’m a first year Biochemistry major who has the honor to be a part of the Waller Creek Earth Day project. Special thanks to Stuart Reichler for getting me involved! The Social Engagement… Continue Reading Waller Creek Mid-Project Experience

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Habitat and Homelessness

There is a strange phenomena in the art world, where in many instances, the created work begins to reflect current issues that may not have been part of the original aim of the project. I feel like this was the… Continue Reading Habitat and Homelessness

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a new disgEYEs

Our creek monster seems to be ever evolving and changing as we learn more about them and their habitat. I have been working on the eye team to bring the creature to life. Throughout the past 7 weeks my team… Continue Reading a new disgEYEs

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